Guida Construction – Commitment to Sustainability

Welcome! We are proud to showcase our ever expanding commitment to a more sustainable environment. We are equally proud of our 5-year partnership as an Energy Star Builder. 

As many already know, the US consumes more energy than any other nation. Nearly all of this energy is derived from burning fossil fuels. Our homes & offices account for almost 40% of our total energy use. In 2004 Guida Construction made a commitment to build to better standards. Today they are the leading Energy Star builder in the Vail Valley. On board early, the company has seen the green building industry explode with hundreds of new products and with many new building requirements. The company stays on top with continual education and independently tests everything to help better understand and track their efforts.

Their newest home will consume at least 50% less energy than a home built to current Energy Code standards. In addition, this Built Green home integrates the best of building science, high performance products & equipment and environmentally friendly materials in an effort to create a substantially more efficient home that is healthier, more durable and contributes to a sustainable environment.